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Why does this simple example of a scala combinator parser fail?

def test: Parser[String] = "&lt; " ~> ident <~ " &gt;"

When I provide the following string:

"&lt; a &gt;"

I get this error:

[1.8] failure: ` &gt;' expected but `&' found

&lt; a &gt;

Why is it tripping up on the space?

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You are probably using RegexParsers. In documentation, you can find that:

The parsing methods call the method skipWhitespace (defaults to true) and, if true, skip any whitespace before each parser is called.

To change this:

object MyParsers extends RegexParsers {
  override def skipWhitespace = false

  //your parsers...
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OH MY GOD, THANK YOU! Why is this the default :( –  ademartini Jan 29 '14 at 20:48

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