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I am extending ApiController for a webservice.

The service takes a GUID as it's only parameter. This is the url that I type in


However, the Guid never reaches the Get method.

If I set it to object

public Object Get(Object userId)

the method fires, but userid is null.

If i set it to guid

public Object Get(Guid? userId)

I get the error

No action was found on the controller 'texts' that matches the request.

Does anyone have a sample that could help me?

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Did you tried a string as parameter? – Fals Jan 29 '14 at 22:13
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I suppose that you are using the default route in which the pattern is:


So try naming your parameter accordingly:

public TextsController: ApiController
    public HttpResponseMessage Get(Guid? id)

Now the /api/texts/2ADEA345-7F7A-4313-87AE-F05E8B2DE678 url should hit the Get action on the TextsController and populate the id parameter.

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