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I'm trying to show a no internet access button when my app user is not connected to the internet and the object in question is not available from the cache.


<div class="VideoPlayerController video-player-controller">
<span class="icon-stack disconnected" ng-show="connectionError">
    <icon type="signal" class="signal-icon"></icon>
    <icon type="plus" class="plus-icon icon-stack-base"></icon>
<video autoplay controls></video>


(function() {
'use strict';
    .controller('VideoPlayerController', ['$scope', 'ApiService', '$routeParams', 'NavbarService',
    function($scope, ApiService, $routeParams, NavbarService) {
        $scope.connectionError = false;

        $scope.videoLoaded = function(video) {
            NavbarService.header = video.title;
            $('.video-player-controller video').bind("error", function(event) {

            $('.video-player-controller video').attr('src', video.file.downloadURL);

        function loadFail() {
            if (!navigator.onLine) {
                $scope.connectionError = true;

Whenever connectionError gets set to true nothing happens back on the HTML view. It's obviously connecting in some way because if the default value of $scope.connectionError is false then it will hide the item, and if the default is true then it will show the item, but when the value is actually changed I see no response.

Am I missing something simple?

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Whenever you make changes from outside of the angular framework, e.g. from browser DOM events, setTimeout, XHR or third party libraries, you need to use $apply as per the documentation.

function loadFail() {
    if (!navigator.onLine) {
        $scope.$apply(function() {
            $scope.connectionError = true;


You are doing a number of things considered bad practice, e.g. doing DOM manipulation inside your controller. I recommend you start from this answer.

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