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What's the easiest way to zip and encrypt a file with AES (128 or 256) in a Rails app, so that the zip archive can be opened with WinZip?


  1. Zip archive can be opened by WinZip (so no 7-zip)
  2. Zip archive is encrypted with AES-128 or AES-256 (which WinZip supports)


  1. Rubyzip: doesn't support encryption
  2. Zipruby: supports only the traditional/legacy non-AES encryption which is significantly less secure.

Any advice on what I can do here?


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Are commercial products out of the question? Chilkat Ruby Zip appears to support WinZip AES. The example code looks pretty temptingly easy.

There also appears to be a Java library available. If you're running in JRuby... Or if you feel like porting!

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Thanks! Chilkat looks like it should work great. Excellent find! –  oregontrail256 Jan 30 at 1:40

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