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I have an Eclipse 3.8.1-based RCP application for Mac that has been reorganized into an APPL application bundle. I encountered a problem on Mac where I cannot open a file with the app by file association (double-click in Finder) or by drag-and-drop to the Dock/app when the program is closed. The app launches but the file fails to open.

This did not occur when I was using Apple Java 6. I recently upgraded to Oracle Java 7 and started to notice the problem. I am using the -vm argument to define the location of my bundled vm. If I remove the argument, Equinox automatically finds my JDK7 installation and the problem is resolved. I cannot rely on a third-party JDK install; I want Equinox to find my bundled jre without defining the -vm argument.

Bug 374791 states this is supported in 3.8.1. Where do I need to place my jre directory for this to work? Here is the architecture of my bundle:

|-> configuration/config.ini
|-> Contents
  |-> Info.plist
  |-> MacOS
    |-> RCPapp (launcher)
    |-> RCPapp.ini
  |-> Resources
|-> plugins/*.jar

Here is my launcher in ini file:


The patch seems to indicate that the java executable should be located in "../../../jre/Contents/Home/jre/bin/" relative to the launcher, so I put my "Oracle jdk directory renamed to jre" along side RCPapp.app and launch. I receive an Incompatible JVM error (Version 1.6.0_65 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version: 1.7 or greater is required.)

Is there a "magic" location where the Equinox launcher will auto-recognize a bundled Java 7 jre?

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@MartijnCourteaux, your comment is not constructive and uninformed. Oracle recommends bundling the JRE with a Java app on Mac: docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/jweb/… –  Steven Darnell Jan 30 at 3:46
I didn't know that. Nice! –  Martijn Courteaux Jan 30 at 11:43
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