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I have CSS code as follows

#example { opacity: 0; transition: opacity 500ms; }
#example.visible { opacity: 1; }

using this JavaScript to make it visible

setTimeout(function () {
  document.getElementById('example').className = 'visible'
}, 500)

As you can see, my intention is for a half second delay to pass before the div is made visible.

If I was to continue using JavaScript, I would need to use clearTimeout in case the 'make visible' requirement was cancelled before the first 500ms.

Is there a way to use CSS for this initial delay instead? That would allow me to simplify my JavaScript.

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There is a delay option in css transitions

#example { opacity: 0; transition: opacity 500ms 500ms;}
#example.visible { opacity: 1; }
document.getElementById('example').className = 'visible'

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