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I am using gridview to display the booking history when the user clicks on a "print" button. A printticket.aspx page should open in a new window. I have used window.open but it is blocked by the browser.

   string url = "../Printticket.aspx";
   string fullURL = "window.open('" + url + "', '_blank', 'height=600,width=1000,status=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,titlebar=no' );";
    ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, typeof(string), "OPEN_WINDOW", fullURL, true);

I want to open the printticket page in a new window. Is there any other way?

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Why not just a regular <a href="Printticket.aspx" target="_blank>…</a> around the button, instead of messing with Javascript? –  millimoose Jan 30 at 1:14
i have to do some code behind work like assigning session value that is why am asking to open new window from code behind –  Tajkumar Jan 30 at 1:52
Can you do that codebehind work when Printticket.aspx is loaded instead? Generally pushing JS for the browser to execute as the result of an AJAX call makes me uncomfortable. (One reason why is the one you just discovered – it's hard to tell what happened when something goes wrong since the reason is buried who knows where in the machinery used to support this.) –  millimoose Jan 30 at 3:17
To put it another way: seeing how many webapps make do without window.open(), I don't think you have to do that code-behind work exactly between the link being clicked and the popup window opening. (As opposed to shortly after the popup window opens.) –  millimoose Jan 30 at 3:21
Moving this via a session is a silly design to begin with. Use a query parameter. I.e. make a link to PrintTicket.aspx?ticketid=123, and on the other side, read it with Request.QueryString["ticketid"]. I'd also suggest poking a little at how web applications work without ASP.NET mechanisms confusing things. ASP.NETisms are good at pretending you can make changes to a stateful page. To communicate between pages it's better to "drop down" to lower-level constructs. –  millimoose Jan 30 at 3:43

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i searched your problem and found this thread! You should try out that code written by that person marked as answer.

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i tried that but it is blocked by the browser as it is considered as spam –  Tajkumar Jan 30 at 1:22

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