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The Problem

I'm developing a PHP application which displays Wingdings and Webdings characters. If I Just put a font-tag around it, the character gets displayed correctly. Though, once it gets copy-pasted it reverts to the character it was before like "a".

What I think would be the Solution

This problem could be solved by escaping every wingdings character on the page by the UTF-8 equivalent. UTF-8 holds so many characters, so I'm guessing that Wingings characters and the like are also on that list.


How can I map/create UTF-8 characters from Wingdings characters?

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Here is a list of equivalent unicode characters to wingdings. Is this, what you are looking for?


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Technically, yes. I stumbled upon that site during my research. I also copied characters from it but forgot to set my editor to UTF-8 so I didn't see that it is actually working. This list should give me a start. Thank you! –  bytecode77 Jan 30 at 2:09
alanwood site is nice but I need the same table for Wingdings 3 and Webdings. Do you know any such site? –  Chankey Pathak Mar 20 at 6:18

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