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I'm trying to write a Gnome program in Javascript. HTTP requests are done with a library called Soup, and GET requests start with something like:

msg = Soup.Message.new('GET', self.url) ...

Examples for GET requests are all over the net, but how to do a POST request?

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Based on our chat conversation, this code will work:

msg = Soup.Message.new('POST', self.url);
var POSTparams = 'try=this';
msg.set_request ('application/x-www-form-urlencoded', 2, POSTparams, POSTparams.length);

The syntax seems to be:

msg.set_request('MIME type', (2), 'params=here', 'params=here'.length);

This answer was also based on the following:

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I should have seen that answer coming. :) The question is: Where to put the data? –  lyle Jan 30 at 2:15
@lyle could you link me to the library's page please? –  Joeytje50 Jan 30 at 2:19
Good thinking. :) Never occured to me they should have their own documentation somewhere: wiki.gnome.org/Projects/libsoup –  lyle Jan 30 at 2:25
It's a C library, so they have C examples. Still need to figure out how the JS bindings look like. –  lyle Jan 30 at 2:32
@lyle I've posted what I'd say it might be. I'm not at all sure about it though. –  Joeytje50 Jan 30 at 2:37

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