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I've compilled the aspell with mingw64 and msys on windows to use with enchant and pyenchant, but i still doesn't have any dicts: "aspell dump dicts" returns nothing.

What i'm trying now is do a ./configure, make and make install with a en dict got from http://gnu.c3sl.ufpr.br/ftp/aspell/dict/en/.

The .configure executes successfuly, but make returns:

/mingw/bin/prezip-bin.exe -d < en-common.cwl | /mingw/bin/aspell.exe  --lang=en create master ./en-common.rws
Error: The file "/mingw/lib/aspell-0.60/iso-8859-1.cset" can not be opened for reading.
Makefile:108: recipe for target `en-common.rws' failed
make: *** [en-common.rws] Error 1

I've already checked the permissions for this file (iso-8859-1.cset), deactivated the anti virus, executed the msys with administrative permissions but nothing solved the problem. The file open correctly in any text editor.

My system configuration for this task is: Windows 8.1 x64; Mingw-64 + MSYS; Aspell 0.60

Can anybody help me?


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