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I'm trying to load a mobile-specific website in to an iFrame that is meant to be viewed on a desktop browser. Unfortunately some of the events on the mobile-specific website only register taps, and not clicks, and therefor the site is pretty useless within the iframe.

Fortunately I am able to stick a JS script in to the header of the mobile specific site, so I was wondering if there was any way that I can fire a click event on the target that is meant to be tapped on.

Any help is much appreciated.

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@AlienArrays unfortunately I can't alter the actual mobile site –  Jody Heavener Jan 30 at 2:29

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Maybe this will work:

document.onclick = function(event) {
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I'm not sure what .touch() is supposed to invoke, is this a plugin function? –  Jody Heavener Jan 30 at 2:54
Aha! Because the site already uses jQuery, I used a combination of your answer and the resulting action: $(this).trigger('touchend');. BOOM! –  Jody Heavener Jan 30 at 2:57

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