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I'm using some snippet I found from the internet.

And I encounter lots of error when using them.

for example,

printf ("${1:%s}\\n"${1:$(if (string-match "%" text) "," "\);")
}$2${1:$(if (string-match "%" text) "\);" "")}

This is a printf snippet for c mode. But it always gave me [yas] elisp error! Symbol's value as variable is void: text

So is there any bug in this piece of code or bug at somewhere else? If so, how can I debug it?

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Is the percentage a special character that needs to be escaped? – lawlist Jan 30 '14 at 2:48
yas is clearly evaluating part of the snippet as an elisp expression -- it looks as if the syntax is $(expr) -- and there is no variable text when (string-match "%" text) is evaluated. Why did you use that variable name, and what do you believe it should be set to? A pointer to some documentation would probably be good. – phils Jan 30 '14 at 3:52
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It seems that the snippet you are using was written for older versions of yasnippet because the variable text was renamed to yas-text in newer versions, try replacing text with yas-text in the snippet.

I case you are not aware you can use yas/tryout-snippet to quickly try out snippets while editing them.

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