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The script below generates markup in real-time and autoupdates with setInterval. Markup consists of buttons and hidden content in divs. A particular button un-hides its corresponding div. However, upon each interval the div re-hides. I am trying to keep such particular div shown after each interval, post-click. Is there a way for the DOM to remember which div was shown prior interval refresh? I am trying to achieve this with front-end JavaScript, no server-side solutions please. Thanks in advance!


function itemMenu() {

        type: "GET",
        url: "Administration/data/people.xml"
    }).done(function (xml) {


        $(xml).find('fullName').each(function(index) {

            // generate loadMe markup //
            var i = index + 1;
            var fullName = $(this).text();

            $('<button type="button" class="mybutton" name="users" onclick="itemContent(this.value)"></button>').attr('value', i).html(fullName).appendTo('#loadMe');

            // generate toadMe markup //
            var firstName = $(this).siblings('firstName');
            var lastName = $(this).siblings('lastName');
            var age = $(this).siblings('age');
            var hometown = $(this).siblings('hometown');
            var job = $(this).siblings('job');

            $('<div></div>').attr('id', i).appendTo('#toadMe');
            $('<h1></h1>').html(firstName).appendTo('#' + i);
            $('<h1></h1>').html(lastName).appendTo('#' + i);
            $('<h1></h1>').html(age).appendTo('#' + i);
            $('<h1></h1>').html(hometown).appendTo('#' + i);
            $('<h1></h1>').html(job).appendTo('#' + i);


    }).fail(function (response, error) {


function itemContent(k) {
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Have you considered only generating the <div> when the button is clicked instead, so you're not constantly overwriting those elements when the XML is polled? Something like this:

setInterval(refreshXml, 1500);

function refreshXml() {
  var req = $.get('Administration/data/people.xml');

  req.done(function(xml) {
    // Update the global XML variable used to create buttons.
    window.peopleXml = xml;

    // Clear existing buttons.

    // Display a button for each XML person entity.
    $(xml).find('fullName').each(function(index) {
        var fullName = $(this).text();

        $('<button>', {
          'class': 'mybutton',
          value: $(this).siblings('id').text(),
          text: fullName

    // Update any person divs that were already visible.
    $('#toadMe .person').each(function() {
      // Grabs the ID from data-person-id set earlier.
      var id = $(this).data('person-id');


function show_person(id) {
  $('#person-detail-' + id).remove();


function get_person(id) {
  var $person = $(window.peopleXml).find('id:contains(' + id + ')').parent();

  var $div = $('<div>', {
    'class': 'person',
    'data-person-id': id,
    id: 'person-detail-' + id

  $('<h1>', { text: $person.find('firstName').text() }).appendTo($div);
  $('<h1>', { text: $person.find('lastName').text() }).appendTo($div);
  $('<h1>', { text: $person.find('age').text() }).appendTo($div);
  $('<h1>', { text: $person.find('hometown').text() }).appendTo($div);
  $('<h1>', { text: $person.find('job').text() }).appendTo($div);

  return $div;  

$(document).on('click', '.mybutton', function() {

As your XML file grows, this approach will be worthwhile even if it seems a bit more complicated at first. The overhead to pre-generate a <div> for every possible person every 1.5 seconds would begin to noticeably lag the browser as the XML document gets real-world large.

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Dave, actually I found a syntax error when you were setting values for the buttons, I added .text() which seemed to fix the problem. Also, instead of appending to #toadMe I need to replace data inside #toadMe. I can't remember the function for that though... It looks like this is going to work once I find that function!!! Thanks a ton. –  Jim22150 Jan 30 '14 at 4:02
Sorry about that. I typed it into the textarea here without having a good way to test it. –  Dave Ward Jan 30 '14 at 4:04
Do you want to only allow one person's div to be visible in #toadMe at a given time, or do you want to be sure that only one copy of each person's div appears (i.e. multiple ones could be open, but not duplicates)? –  Dave Ward Jan 30 '14 at 4:05
No problem. Take a look at my update and see if that's closer to what you're after. –  Dave Ward Jan 30 '14 at 4:43
this.id in the click handler should have been this.value. –  Dave Ward Jan 30 '14 at 4:54

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