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As seen in comment_controller.rb:

def create
    @comment =[:comment])

Im assuming that this is SQL injection-unsafe. But what is the correct way of doing it?.. All the examples on the net deal with finds.

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That code is safe from SQL injection attacks. The escaping is done by ActiveRecord, so any time you call a model's find, create, new/save, or any other method that does database interaction, you're OK. The only exception is if you use raw SQL for one of the options, for example:

Comment.find(:all, :conditions => "user_id = #{params[:user_id]}")

the preferred form is:

Comment.find(:all, :conditions => {:user_id => params[:user_id]})

which will be automatically protected against SQL injection.

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Note that your code example is safe from SQL injection as explained by Alex, but it's not safe from mass assignment exploits.

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Very good point - not sure why this hasn't occurred to me before – DanSingerman Jan 27 '10 at 13:51

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