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I tried a lot to import the sql script to create database and tables through phpmyadmin in the new site I hosted. But i'm getting the error,

1044 - Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' to database 'db'

I tried to create a sample db directly : create database sampled; I'm getting the same access denied error.

I'm not able to grant privileges to the user also, i'm getting the same access denied error.

Following is the output of show grants command,

show grants;
GRANT USAGE ON . TO 'someuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD 'somepw' 

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON someuser\_%.* TO 'someuser'@'localhost' 

Any help would be appreciated. thank you.

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FLUSH PRIVILEGES; ? –  Phil Jan 30 '14 at 4:27

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It is clear that the user someuser do not have proper privilege over the database db. You need to grant privileges for the user over the database to correct this issue.

If you do bot have administrative rights contact your admin for granting privileges to someuser on that db

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