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I've created a file in my code, as shown below

 FileOutputStream fOut = openFileOutput("samplefile.txt", MODE_WORLD_READABLE);
 OutputStreamWriter osw = new OutputStreamWriter(fOut); 

Now, I know that the file is getting created because I can read the file when I do this:

     FileInputStream fIn = openFileInput("samplefile.txt");
     InputStreamReader isr = new InputStreamReader(fIn);
     char[] inputBuffer = new char[text.length()];;
     String readString = new String(inputBuffer);

So the text is getting read back. However, I can't find the file on my device. Where does it go?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you ever tried looking at source code? The android stuff is easily viewing. Open the openFileInput method and have a look. –  Scary Wombat Jan 30 '14 at 4:44

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You can get the address of it be below line Code

 File file = getFileStreamPath("samplefile.txt");

And for print it

String s  = file.getAbsolutePath();
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If you googled you could find this site link

which mentions

Android allows to persists application data via the file system. For each application the Android system creates a data/data/[application package] directory.

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The file is being saved to internal storage (see this link).

You can retrieve the path of the file with getFilesDir() (see this link).

The path is /data/data/yourapplicationpackagename/files.

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