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I am creating a Firefox extension which contains an XPCOM DLL for Windows. This DLL is built successfully (I followed the tutorial on http://briankrausz.com/building-a-c-xpcom-component-in-windows) and the DLL exports NSGetModule. I assume this should be OK.

I copied the IMyComponent.xpt and MyComponent.dll to the components directory of the extension.

In chrome.rdf I added:

interfaces components/IMyComponent.xpt
binary-component components/MyComponent.dll

However, the DLL is not registered. When I call the code in the JS code of my extension:

const cid = "@mydomain.com/XPCOMSample/MyComponent;1";
obj = Components.classes[cid].createInstance();

I get "TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined".

Do I miss anything to register the class? How can I debug what's wrong?

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Duplicate of this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/9054143/… –  David-SkyMesh Feb 1 at 7:14
Not a duplicate - In the meantime I found out that the interface changed, the new interface is crappy and nearly noone seems to use XPCOM any more and I was recommended to use js-ctype. Conclusion: js-ctype worked out of the box :-) –  divB Feb 1 at 11:09
What the hell does "the new interface is crappy" mean? You either need XPCom or you don't. There are a number of things you can do with XPCom that you can't do with ctypes.jsm. –  David-SkyMesh Feb 1 at 11:40
Sorry, wrong words. I found out that the interface changed. Furthermore, on the mailinglist I was told that XPCOM is kind of deprecated. I should either use NPAPI or better js-ctypes for simpler tasks. –  divB Feb 3 at 2:10
Well that's just wrong. If anything, NPAPI is essentially deprecated. XPCom is the most-used FFI interface, and js-ctypes is starting to get more adoption. But as I said, there are many things you just cannot implement (Mozilla-wise) via the ctypes interface. For example, there are quite a few cases now where folks implement JavaScript XPCom components that internally use js-ctypes for C++ FFI. –  David-SkyMesh Feb 3 at 3:18

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