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I'm trying to use a UITableView to create a vertically paging view and benefit from the cell reuse that the UITableView offers.

Each cell in the UITableView contains a UIScrollView with zooming enabled (as a child of the cell's contentView) that I will call a ZoomingScrollView.

What works:

  • Zooming the ZoomingScrollView works all the time.
  • The table view scrolls and pages fine most of the time.

What doesn't work:

  • Paging the table view doesn't work when the ZoomingScrollView starts zooming vertically (eg. it starts responding to vertical dragging events).

Usually, if you embed a series of ZoomingScrollView inside a UIScrollView, there is no problem to have paging working even when the ZoomingScrollView are zoomed in.

I understand that in my case, I have a several intermediate views between the UIScrollView and the ZoomingScrollView (UITableViewCell, its content view...). I imagine that this prevents the two scroll views to interact properly.

My question: Is there any way to work around this problem, or should I just go back to using just a UIScrollView and ZoomingScrollViews without relying on a UITableView for recycling.

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Try this, saw it on iOS Dev Weekly today: https://github.com/acoomans/ACReuseQueue?utm_campaign=iOS_Dev_Weekly_Issue_131&utm_medium=email&utm_source=iOS%2BDev%2BWeekly

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Thanks. This would help if I went back to the other implementation. –  Kamchatka Feb 1 at 0:56

I recently did this in an app. I had 5 data intensive UIViewControllers in one scroll view with paging. I didn't bother to reuse the views or anything like that - and they perform very well.

How many views do you have? You could consider taking a second look at your design and wonder why you're doing this... can things be factored out?

My gut is to ditch the table view.

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I may have a very large number of very big views. Reuse is necessary. –  Kamchatka Jan 30 at 7:23

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