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I'm trying to write a sql query into relational algebra. If I have:

  • Hotel(hotelNo,hotelName,hotelStreet,hotelCity,hotelState)
  • Room(roomNo, hotelNo, type, price)
  • guest (guestNo, guestName, guestStreet, guestCity)
  • Booking(hotelNo, guestNo, datFrom, dateTo, roomNo)

I'm wondering how to write what rooms are occupied in 3-17-2014 in relational database

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Please show us what you have tried. – Code-Apprentice Jan 30 '14 at 6:32
select * from hotel h 
inner join room r on h.hotelno=r.hotelno 
inner join booking b on b.hotelno=r.hotelno  and b.roomno = r.roomno
inner join guest g on g.guestno = b.guestno
where '<yourdate>' between b.datFrom and b.dateTo

try this

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I think what OP means to say is: write the query using Relational algebra calculas like Tuple Calculas and Domain Calculas; and not using SQL. – Rahul Jan 30 '14 at 12:24

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