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With Access 2003, we have a msaccess database with some tables that resides on a server PC. Various users link to its tables from their forms and subforms.

If the .ldb file still exists, and I know there are no activities going on since it is an after hours thing, can I copy the mdb file to my PC, add couple of rows to its table and copy it back?

I am the only one updating it. I just can not get rid of the ldb file.

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why you can not add some rows at server? –  4dmonster Jan 30 at 7:47
sometimes i have to do a batch and locally is faster. can i still?. –  user2057595 Jan 30 at 8:39
you can copy and if there are no writes to database file at server while process of copying, you will get working db in local file. –  4dmonster Jan 30 at 8:49
how much faster is a batch when done locally rather than remotely on the server? what number of rows are being added/updated? while the "copy to your PC" may succeed, it is the "copy it back" what will fail when the ldb indicates that some other user has it open. –  donPablo Jan 31 at 5:50

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