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I am making a checklist. I am adding the checkboxes dynamically via javascript and adding labels for them too.
Now I want when I check a checkbox the background color of the label to change indicating the item has been selected but onClick attribute is not allowed in "label" tag. So I added the text as a child of checkbox but it is not visible but the onclick event is working on checkbox.

var chked = document.createElement("input");
            chked.type = 'checkbox';
            chked.value = data[friendIndex].id;
            chked.id = friendIndex;
            chked.width = '300';
            chked.onclick =  function (){document.getElementById(this.id).style.backgroundColor='#4285f4';};
            var label = document.createElement('label');
            label.htmlFor = friendIndex;
            label.id = friendIndex;
            label.setAttribute('onclick' ,function (){document.getElementById(this.id).style.backgroundColor='#4285f4';});
            var mybr=document.createElement('br'); 
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rendered html format?? r u covering input with label or bot are sepereate? –  Sowmya Jan 30 '14 at 8:21
yes rendered in html<br>i am covering input by label –  Ashmeet Singh Jan 30 '14 at 8:23

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Any reason you need to do this via Javascript? You can do this using CSS only.


<input type="checkbox" />
<label>Check Me!</label>


input[type=checkbox] + label {
    color: black;
input[type=checkbox]:checked + label {
    background: red;


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Use jquery click function to toggle the class

$("input[type=checkbox]").change(function() {


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How about append CheckBox to Label.
Then you can get CheckBox's onClick event from click ChkeckBox and Label area both.
And change label's color.


label.appendChild( chked );
label.appendChild( textToDisplay );
chklstTarget.appendChild( label );
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