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I am trying to create simple contact list app in android,i want to add phone keypad into my app to dial a number, and then this number will be display on to list,i have a sq-lite database, i can create contact and that will save into database i can also edit the contact, but now i want to add keypad in my front activity, i goggled it but i don't have find satisfied result from this so please help me and guide from where i should have to start.

your help would highly be appreciated Thanks

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Means you want to put your own button like 1 ,2 and so on and when user press it, it should type that number inside your text field. Is this what you are looking for??? –  InnocentKiller Jan 30 at 8:22
no i want to add android input method, phone keypad,or keyboard but i dont how to add this into my app, –  Shazar Jan 30 at 8:24
Okay, so basically for entering number what you have used, i mean edit-text or what??? –  InnocentKiller Jan 30 at 8:27
i dont have such idea, that why i put a question here –  Shazar Jan 30 at 9:18
Ok, post your code till what you have done. By seeing your code only i can help further. –  InnocentKiller Jan 30 at 9:22

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You need Action_Dial,

use below code it will open Dialer with number specified

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_DIAL);
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