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I would like to insert an INI file sections as Enum values.

I understand that is the way to get the INI sections:

List<string> categories = GetCategories(iniFile);
foreach (string category in categories)

How can I insert it to Enum?

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If I understand correctly what you want, you can't. Rather use a Dictionary and store section names as keys. –  Andrei V Jan 30 at 8:33
@AndreiV I would like the user could change an enum values. He cannot access the code, but ini file sections could be edited and read in code. –  user3165438 Jan 30 at 8:36
If you read carefully the first line from this link you will encounter the word constant. That's what enums are. This means that the user cannot change the values. Enums cannot be constructed dynamically (it might be possible using reflection, but you don't want to follow that path). Please try to provide a concrete example of what you try to achieve. Someone might have a proper solution. –  Andrei V Jan 30 at 8:39
I believe you can compile any code by using codedom (including the one what is building enums). The questions is: why do you need it? Perhaps you tell us what you want to achieve and there is another, much simpler solution exists? –  Sinatr Jan 30 at 8:42
@AndreiV Thanks. Could you please guide me a little more about the Dictionary suggestion? –  user3165438 Jan 30 at 8:43
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Enum values are constants and cannot (easily) be modified. Instead, you could use a Dictionary:

Dictionary<string, string> iniSections = Dictionary<string, string>();
List<string> categories = GetCategories(iniFile);

foreach (string category in categories)
     iniSections.Add(categoryName, category);

You need, of course, to provide a valid categoryName for each available category.

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