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I am trying to map a complex json object to my objects

my json contains a property that is a true or false value:

object {

rootProp2 = 1; <== fails to get mapped (this is a BOOL object)

} to object result: (null), (null),(null),(null) with object mapping (null)

how do i tell restkit to map rootProp2 to a BOOL value

it stays as 0, even though server returns "true" for this value

why arent my BOOL values mapped correctly ?

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This is very sad i had to debug this for a few hours but the reason for the problem that my json came with property name rootProop2 and my mapping had rootProp2 -> 1 missing letter and all goes kaput!

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In this case, if you turn on trace logging and search for the key I think you should have found a log saying that the source key didn't exist. Did not find mappable attribute value keyPath rootProp2. You still need to spot the typo after that though... –  Wain Jan 30 at 16:13

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