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I have two similar tables which have data I need to display in a single grid. As each table has slightly different fields, I decided to extract the data I need into a generic object that I can bind to the grid. Shown below are the expressions I am using. My question is, how can I modify or add code so that I can get a single list that I can bind to. I guess something along the lines of “var jobs = jobs1 + jobs 2” etc.

     var jobs1 = from j in ctx.MyImport.Include("MyMethod").Include("MySchedule")
                   select new
                       FileName = j.ImportFileName,
                       Name = j.Name,
                       ID = j.ImportID

     var jobs2 = from j in ctx.MyExport.Include("MyMethod").Include("MySchedule")
                   select new
                       FileName = j.ExportFileName,
                       Name = j.Name,
                       ID = j.ExportID
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You can use the extention method Concat:

var job3 = jobs1.Concat(jobs2);
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Take a look at the Union extension method: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb341731.aspx

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