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List of files changed since a certain date using SVN by specific user..

I have tried svn log | sed -n '/blankman/,/-----$/ p' but getting the error that 'sed' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

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possible duplicate of List all files which are changed b/w two revision by a user The only difference to this one is that you're asking for a date instead of a revision range. Which only means changing the -r flag option to provide a date for the starting range. –  Ben Reser Jan 30 '14 at 18:36

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You can use the following

for i in svn log -r{2012-11-01}:HEAD | awk '$3 == "user" {print $1}'; do svn log -v -$i;done

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You can try something like:

svn log --search <username> -qv -r {2014-01-10}:HEAD

From svn help log:

If the --search option is used, log messages are displayed only if the provided search pattern matches any of the author, date, log message text (unless --quiet is used), or, if the --verbose option is also provided, a changed path.

So, the above command can also potentially return those commits where the date or the changed path contains the username. Hopefully, that would never be the case.

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