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Only one Resource file is displaying When i'm adding Localizable.strings file for any language. My steps are,

  1. Selected My main app's project file in xcode and found info option is there
  2. in info - Localization - + option

    Note: there is only one resource file (InfoPlist.strings) is available to add Language.

    3- then Finish, but there is no Localizable.strings file is displaying in xcode but there is InfoPlist.strings file displaying.

    But if i do these same steps in sample app which is working fine , I can able to select Multiple resource files And also I can see many Localizable.strings & InfoPlist.strings in xcode.


Localizable.strings (English)

Localizable.strings (Spanish)

InfoPlist.Strings (English)

InfoPlist.Strings (Spanish)

Can anyone please tell me the solution to add multiple resource files when localizing any language?

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Do you have a Localizable.strings ? Only if one is present the languages are generated. –  Volker Jan 30 at 10:48
No Localizable.strings is there in my app and even if i drag & drop this file from another project which is not displaying in `Resource file' list. –  Mega Jan 30 at 11:06
in my project i'm using custom bundle its brand name is Default.bundle and also run scripts –  Mega Jan 30 at 11:08

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If you want to make your app to support multiple languages, then you'll need to add .strings files to your project, make sure that you should name it "Localizable.strings" only, and need to put in particular language folder,

See this question and my answer there,

Localized filename should always be named Localizable.strings, and that file is within the particular language folder, for English, en.lproj and for French fr.lproj like wise.

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yes, I understood that but that language folder is not displaying in my project –  Mega Jan 30 at 11:10
So I drag & drop the language folders with Localizable.strings to my app from another project but only one is read by app not others, like en.lproj , es.lproj, fr.lproj –  Mega Jan 30 at 11:12
@Mega, if you look in project folder, one must be there, but its not added always, that's en.lproj. Other supported language folders you'll need to create and add manually. –  Hemang Jan 30 at 11:12
yes I added manually, when i run this app if device language is Spanish as we need Spanish's .strings file can read by app and displaying Spanish 's word but if i change the device's language to French still Spanish only coming –  Mega Jan 30 at 11:17
Yes, you'll need to rebuild the app. Its better if you can test the app in device it self. –  Hemang Jan 30 at 11:18

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