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Well, I wrote a small app that uses PyQt4 and want to distribute it. But the problem is that I have to ask the users to manually install PyQt4 because it cannot be done using setuptools.

So, in reference to this, I wanted to ask if anyone knew the reason why PyQt4 is not on PyPi?

Also, is there any other possible way I could include PyQt4 in my setup.py so that users do not need to install it manually?


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Maybe because it requires Qt which is not a python package and hence can't be installed using setuptools? –  Bakuriu Jan 30 '14 at 10:55
It's pretty pointless asking on SO why PyQt is not on PyPI. Ask the maintainer of PyQt about it on the mailing list. –  ekhumoro Jan 30 '14 at 19:30

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because they do not provide a setup.py at the root of their package, and thus it can't be handled by the python packaging system. The setup.py is the script that defines all the information for . So it has to be handled by your distribution's package management system.

You could add in your setup.py a function that downloads and install pyqt4 and make that function called at install.

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