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I have published a package on http://pub.dartlang.org/ at first time and I see that my full email was published in the Uploader section at the right bottom of the page.

So, I don't really understand what is the format of my and other people's authorized login that is shown there? And how to remove/update my uploader's email?

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What exactly do you want to know? How to avoid having the email address exposed? If your email address is shown the format you used is probably correct. You can compare it with other packages. Many packages provide a link to GitHub where you can look at the pubspec.yaml. –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 30 at 10:53
@GünterZöchbauer yeah, exactly! I use some other format for the Author section and don't want to share my G's technical email. –  o_nix Jan 30 at 10:55
@GünterZöchbauer for example here I see only a login without a domain in that section. –  o_nix Jan 30 at 10:57
extended my answer, maybe this is what you want to know –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 30 at 11:10

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The package you referenced in your comment uses this format:

author: Name <user@domain.com>

If you want to change your uploader information you can do this

cd package_directory
pub uploader add newuser@mydomain.com
pub uploader remove olduser@somedomain.com

To authenticate with another account just delete

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But, as I said, that email is really different and Uploader section differ from Author section... –  o_nix Jan 30 at 11:04
Different from what. Can you please add to your question how it currently is and how you want it to be? –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 30 at 11:05
I added an image to the question. –  o_nix Jan 30 at 11:15
Yeah, that really worked! Thank you! As I understand now, the first publish action takes my primary email and adds it as a published regardless of Authors' section one. –  o_nix Jan 30 at 11:19
Yeah, thanks for the good advice, but I managed it by adding a new user to my custom Google domain with that mail alias as a primary email. So deleted the auth cache and logged in again as a new custom user. –  o_nix Jan 30 at 15:33

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