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I wish to build a web servcie with lots of data updates and reads and user authentication .

Which one is a better choice among hapi, restify, or express for a Rest API? Please feel free to suggest any other framework which I haven't yet stumbled upon.

After a lot of searching, all the tutorials I could find were using the hapi framework pre v2.0. Could you please suggest me some good tutorials on using hapi and node.js to build a web API server.

I am using MongoDB for the data.

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Hapi is great, one of the most famous successful implementation was the back-end system of Walmart US, and it survived the Black Friday... Search on YouTube for: "taking a REST and being HAPI"

http://blog.nodeknockout.com/post/34571027029/making-an-api-happy-with-hapi http://blog.modulus.io/nodejs-and-hapi-create-rest-api

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I also found the following very helpful -

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The link of rahulroy9202 hapi-hapi-joi-joi is broken, you can find the one that works here:

hapi hapi joi joi

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