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I am Using Peoplesoft. I am creating a sample report in BI Publisher. I have created PS Query, DataSource, Report defn and all. While generating the report in Query Report Viewer, It is showing the following error.

Error generating report output:  (235,2309) 

Error occurred during the process of generating the output file from template file, XML data file, and translation XLIFF file.

I don't find any Unicode character in my XML , RTF files.I can able to see Other Reports without any error.

For Your Information I was creating the RTF file in my desktop with the XML file, Which was generated in the Remote System(I was restricted to install BI Publisher in Remote Desktop).

Need some assistance towards this.

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Can you provide the XML data file and the equivalent XSLT file? I'm assuming either your XML data file has a formatting error, or your XSLT file has an error (the RTF can be exported to be an XSLT). – David Fleeman Feb 4 '14 at 4:14
Thanks, The problem is with my XML file. Space between each line of xml code caused this problem. – Lemon Feb 4 '14 at 11:22

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