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Update: The problem is that Stripe responds with the card_token when a new customer is created rather than the customer id. Probably I am doing something wrong.

I have setup Stripe on my Rails app and then integrate it with Devise. It works fine as it creates a new customer on my Stripe account and a new user on my Rails app. When a registration takes place I save the Stripe token in my users' table as stripe_card_token (from the stripe's respond).

I want users to be able to cancel their subscription.

I use the "stripe-ruby" gem and saw that there are methods inside the gem for subscription cancellation like the "cancel_subscription" method. However I am not sure how I call this method.

I checked Stripe's API for cancelling a subscription and the example is:

customer = Stripe::Customer.retrieve({CUSTOMER_ID})

but I don't have the customer's ID. The only attribute I save while making a customer is the token send on the Stripe's respond.

In the User.rb i create a customer with this method

  def create_a_customer
    token = self.stripe_card_token
    customer = Stripe::Customer.create(
      :card => token,
      :plan => 1,
      :email => self.email

When I create the customer I save the response.id as the token:

  handleStripeResponse: (status, response) ->
if status == 200
  $('input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', false)

This response.id is the card's token and not customer's id...

I am confused on how to use the gem as it gives no examples, and the API asks about customer ID, instead the ID I get is the card's token. I am pretty sure I am missing something.

Any guidance, help is greatly appreciated!

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It looks like Stripe::Customer.create returns an id when it's successfully called. So you just need to grab that and save it. –  ElendilTheTall Jan 30 at 11:50
I did. the ID that returns is something like "tok_3OtTuapKuf8FDc", which is token. What do I do with the token then? when I am asked to use customer ID to retrieve the customer I need an id like "cus_XXXXXXXXXX" which is for customer. Thanks for replying. –  Stefanos.Ioannou Jan 30 at 11:53
You shouldn't be getting a token returned when creating a customer, AFAIK. Tokens are returned when you create a charge. What happens if you change response.id to customer.id? –  ElendilTheTall Jan 30 at 12:00
"response" is a parameter that comes from the handleStripeResponse object. Oh... thank you for saying that! Now i get why the ID's response is a token. –  Stefanos.Ioannou Jan 30 at 12:04
Linked to an updated version of this question, the solution is here - stackoverflow.com/questions/21457911/… –  Noah Davis Jan 30 at 15:29

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