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I've been learning plsql from the past month and my first assignment is refactoring of a package. The package is very large contains around 10,000 lines of code and derives source data from number of tables and views in different schemas. Whwn I tried to search on net that the steps to be followed for refactoring of code, I've found this steven's article.

Refactoring for PL/SQL Developers

But in the article he has used a util package and explained around it, that when you are using a util package you should have an exception block to handle the errors. Replace hard coded literals with named constants etc.,

But in my package there's already an exception block to handle the errors. All the procedures selects around hundred columns from the source tables. Apart from the points mentioned in the article where can we look to improve the portability of the code and are there any steps to be followed so that minimum refactoring of the code is taken care of.I'm using pl/sql developer.Are there any tools which can take care of it.Thanks in advance

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Check out this article.. oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2005/05-jan/… –  Avrajit Jan 30 at 12:22
That's the same article where dastan referred already in his post! –  Wernfried Jan 30 at 12:51
@Bob The package consists of around 25 procedures which uses other 4 packages. how could i provide such a large package as an example. Could you suggest a way to resolve this issue.Thank you. –  dastan Feb 3 at 4:28
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