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i'm using windown7 64bit operation sytem.

While installing Opencart i have a error message.

"Warning: CURL extension needs to be loaded for OpenCart to work!"

that` s what i tried ->

wampmanager -> PHP -> PHP Extensions -> php_curl / restart wamp server,

and also tried to install curl form http://www.anindya.com/php-5-4-3-and-php-5-3-13-x64-64-bit-for-windows/ both versions "php-5.4.3-Win32-VC9-x64.zip" and "php-5.3.13-Win32-VC9-x64.zip" .

How can I solve this problem?Please Help.

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Goto your php.ini file rather than checking through the WAMP UI, find the extensions list, uncomment & restart. use phpinfo(); on a test.php page, and see the loaded extensions. –  MackieeE Jan 30 at 12:13
What version of WAMP are you using? Wamp 32bit or WAMP 64bit? The curl extension you download, if that is in fact necessary, should match the WAMP not necessarilly the OS's bits –  RiggsFolly Jan 30 at 12:38

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I´ve never worked with OpenCart but, i usually work with curl and i think you can try to write a simple php script outside your OpenCart project to figure out if the problem is with the curl extension installation or with OpenCart

You can use this simple example to try CURL Example

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for your reply. But this is not working for me. i'm just trying to install Opencart. –  Manish Jan 30 at 12:11
But you should check if curl extension is properly installed and working –  Tommy Jan 30 at 12:13

you need to uncomment the curl extension..



and uncomment extension=php_curl.dll

by default its commented e.g. ;extension=php_curl.dll

remove the semi colon from the starting and save file restart your wamp server hope it helps you

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