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I am having trouble changing the color of the symbols used in plotting a time-series using iplot:

iplot(x, xlab="Times", ylab=colnames(x))
ilines(x, col="#0000FF")

Basically I am plotting the individual observations in "x" and then adding a line to connect them, and coloring that line #0000FF (blue).

I want to change the color of the symbols used in the first line, but I am running into some issues when trying to use the method described in the documentation.

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to SO! You are much more likely to receive a helpful answer if you provide a minimal, reproducible example. –  Henrik Jan 30 at 12:19
I feel that it's hard to provide more than what I gave. It's not a problem of my code running errors, it's about me not understanding the documentation. Basically the help for iplot says that all additional parameters are passed to iplot.opt, and then when I find the argument for color I am pointed towards iset.brush, where I am met with the suggestion that iset.col(col) is nedded where col is a "vector of integers specifying colors or a factor" I don't know how to use this setup. –  kristang Jan 30 at 12:24

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