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I would like to change DynamicControl mode programatically in ASP.NET. I have already tried two methods but I failed both times. First i tried do perform it in code behind. Mode of DynamicControls is set to "Edit". On page load I iterated over controles and tried to change mode like this

((DynamicControl)c).Mode = DataBoundControlMode.ReadOnly;

This did not produce any results.

In second method I used inline expressions in aspx page.

Mode= "<%#getDynamicControlMode(MPFormView) %>"

and the function used in code behind is

public DataBoundControlMode getDynamicControlMode(FormView fv)
        if (fv.CurrentMode == FormViewMode.ReadOnly)
            return DataBoundControlMode.ReadOnly;
        else if (fv.CurrentMode == FormViewMode.Edit)
            return DataBoundControlMode.Edit;
            return DataBoundControlMode.Insert;

This method failed also, controls stayed in ReadOnly Mode regardless of FormViewMode. I want to do this programaticall because I want to use only one template in FormView. Thanks

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Finally i found out that i need to dig into DynamicControl to get underlaying controls. So i solved my problem using following code:

                  foreach (Control ct in cont.Controls)//cont is the DynamicControl
                           foreach (Control ci in ct.Controls)
                               if (ci is CheckBox)
                                   ((CheckBox)ci).Enabled = enable;
                               if (ci is TextBox)
                                   ((TextBox)ci).Enabled = enable;

This way i have disabled controls but it suits me as well.

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