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i want to disable link when i clicked on a link,here is my code:

 <a class="cmd-7" href="?cmd=7" style="color:#00F; margin-left:15px; text-decoration:underline">Past 7 Days</a>
<a class="cmd-14" href="?cmd=14" style="color:#00F; margin-left:15px; text-decoration:underline">Past 14 Days</a>
<a class="cmd-30" href="?cmd=30" style="color:#00F; margin-left:15px; text-decoration:underline">Past 30 Days</a>
<a class="cmd-custom" href="?cmd=custom" style="color:#00F; margin-left:15px; text-decoration:underline">Set A Custom Date Range</a>

and here is my javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">
// Get the cmd query parameter
var cmd = getParameterByName('cmd');
if(cmd) {
// Disable the link
$('a.cmd-' + cmd).click(function(event) {
// Add a class to allow styling

it gives error

ReferenceError: getParameterByName is not defined

how to remove this error?

i want when i click past 7 days link this link is disabled or ther links enabled,as soon then if i clicked on past 14 days link,past 7 day link is enabled and past 14 days link is disabled.how i do this?

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there's no function with this (getParameterByName) name –  k102 Jan 30 at 12:30
see my code in which this function exist –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 12:31
Are you trying to use getElementsByTagName, getElementsByClassName, or getElementById? –  Anonymous Jan 30 at 12:34
where have you declared the function getParameterByName –  Nitesh morajkar Jan 30 at 12:34
there is no element with name cmd, you have not specified any tag with name cmd. –  krishna Jan 30 at 12:36

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<script type="text/javascript">
//var prevClicked;
// Disable the link
$( "a[class*='cmd']" ).click(function(event) {

    if(typeof prevClicked!='undefined'){ $("a[class*='cmd-"+prevClicked+"']").attr('href','?cmd='+prevClicked);} 

    url = $(this).attr('href');
    prevClicked = url.split('=')[1];
  $(this).addClass('disabled'); //adding 'disabled' to the clicked <a> tag
  $("a[class*='cmd']").not(this).removeClass('disabled'); //removing 'disabled' from all <a> tags except the one clicked
// Add a class to allow styling

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i used your code but it makes all links disabled –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 13:09
Are you sure? Here's a fiddle –  I Can Has Kittenz Jan 30 at 13:12
but you see when i clicked its not move the url just disabled –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 13:36
Lol, I thought you just wanted to add the class disabled . How should the URL be moved? You mean you want to hide it? –  I Can Has Kittenz Jan 30 at 13:40
no i want link move the required url and then it is disabled –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 13:42

You can add common class to all links so that you can enable all links first and then disable current link with "this" as a reference

Like this in your ready function

Suppose your common class is "cmd-common"

$(document).on('click', '.cmd-common', function(event) {
    $(this).attr("disabled", true);
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when i used your code it gives me error TypeError: $(...) is null $('.cmd-common').attr('disabled',false); –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 13:34
Have you added that common class on all links? –  Snehal S Jan 30 at 14:26
yes i add common class on all links –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 14:50
On which line you got that error? –  Snehal S Jan 30 at 14:51
no error occur links are disabled –  Muhammad Arif Jan 30 at 15:08

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