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This is coming from someone with relatively little experience. I am trying to develop an application for android using the MVVM approach.

Lets say I have models that describe data and fetch it, viewmodels that act as converters that change model information into view information and pass commands from views to models. Would it be appropriate to store exceptions that happen inside models in viewmodels so that views would be able to display them? If so, what would be the best way to do that without having to use excessive amounts of if (error != null) checks.

For example:

class userVM {

    UserService service;
    List<User> users;
    Integer selectedUserIndex;
    Throwable error;


    void fetchAll(){
        try {
            this.users = service.getAll();
            this.selectedUserIndex = null;
            this.error = null;
        } catch (Exception e) {
            this.users = null;
            this.selectedUserIndex = null;
            this.error = e;

    // ... getters for the members ...
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"throw early, catch late" If you do catch them, you'll end up having to handle them in ugly ways. –  zapl Jan 30 at 14:01
Thank you for the comment, I read the article. In a sense this is as late as it gets to catch them, the next step would be to display data (or error) on a screen... –  Totally Not Julius Jan 31 at 10:39

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