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Can you suggest some ways/tips to decrease Resharper memory usage in VS 2008. Working set memory for my VS with 50 projects is around 650mb+

Edit: Now that 4.5 is out, this question is no longer relevant.

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You're lucky I get almost the same amount of memory with two (theoretically) not code bloated projects –  rshimoda Oct 18 '08 at 7:47

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That doesn't sound like a completely unreasonable amount of memory when you've got 50 projects, Do they really all need to be in the same solution? If so, can you not just get more memory? While there may be ways of decreasing the R# memory use (disable its code analysis?) I suspect it won't make that much difference. I suspect in the end you'll have to accept that a modern IDE with a massive solution requires a powerful machine.

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650mb+ isn't abnormal, i have solution with 15 projects and 1k files and VS+ReSharper use 500mb (only ReSharper use 153mb)

Try this for show how much memory ReSharper use ReSharper -> Options -> General -> Show managed memory usage in status bar

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