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I have a file named edit.phtml under template/customer/form/edit.phtml. Here there are options to edit all like Customer Fullname, Email, Password in Account Information tab (leftpanel after logged in). But I want to edit from different page. For Customer fullname, there will be customer info tab. After clicking customer info tab, it will open only customer info page from where only customer name will be updated. For Customer Password, it will open only customer password edit page, and also will be updated. For Customer Email, it will be same. I can't understand how to do it. In customer layout file, customer.xml, Customer Account Edit Form Edit Account Info

    <reference name="left">
      <action method="unsetChild"><name>left.permanent.callout</name></action>
</customer_account_edit> If any one knows about this type of problem, please reply me. It is urgent. Thank You.
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