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I have a large table of data which has about 75,000 people's locations per minute of the day for a 24 hour period. The columns are:

ppid (person ID) point_time (timestamp) the_geom (geometry point)

My problem is that some (alot) of the info from the location (the_geom) column is missing. This column needs updating with the last known location of the person. I'm struggling conceptually as to how to do this. Some sort of self-join on the table I think. But how to get the right data for the update?

I've made a SQL fiddle which demonstrates the problem:




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I'm not sure how this will perform over a larger data set, but here's a single query solution, using two nested sub-queries:

    WHEN data.the_geom IS NULL
    THEN (
      --Get all locations with an earlier time stamp for that ppid
      SELECT geom.the_geom
      FROM test_data geom
      WHERE data.ppid = geom.ppid
      AND geom.point_time < data.point_time
      AND geom.the_geom IS NOT NULL
        -- Cull all but the most recent one
        SELECT *
        FROM test_data cull
        WHERE cull.ppid = geom.ppid
        AND geom.the_geom IS NOT NULL
        AND cull.point_time < data.point_time
        AND cull.point_time > geom.point_time
        AND cull.the_geom IS NOT NULL
  ELSE data.the_geom
FROM test_data data
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Blimey. Well done. That's brilliant. Thanks so much. I'll run it with my large dataset now and see how it goes. –  TheRealJimShady Jan 30 '14 at 15:13

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