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Since the 31 of December m2epro does not create any orders. Have someone some information about this error?

Things I've done:

  • creating new ebay-token
  • ebay shop synchronisation
  • creating new account

The M2ePro support has checked everything and has find nothing...

The thirdparty Listing Sync is running. Also I created a list of products on ebay.

The order logfiles don't show an error. I ve no further informations...

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welcome to stackoverflow! i don't know anything about magento, but you should add more details on the error to your post, to get better answers. –  Corley Brigman Jan 30 at 14:33
I've got no further informations. The M2ePro-suppourt found nothing on my installation. –  user3253465 Jan 30 at 15:27

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There are a couple of settings in M2E Pro that need to be enabled to collect orders.

Plus there are settings for eBay listings that have been listed by M2E pro and not listed by M2E Pro.

Some sections to check:

Sell on eBay > Configuration > Synchronization tab

  • Make sure that Orders Synchronization = Yes and press Save
  • Also pressing "Run Now" may provoke orders to be collected

Sell on eBay > Configuration > Account Settings tab > Click on your eBay ID > Left tab click on Orders

  • Set "Import eBay Orders:" = Yes
  • Product Is Listed By M2E Pro = Yes
  • Product Is Listed By Any Other Software > Create Order in Magento = Yes (and set other settings as appropriate

Note: The latter setting will set M2E Pro to collect orders for eBay listings that you did not list via M2E Pro

With those settings done, go back to Sell on eBay > Configuration > Synchronization tab and hit the "Run Now" button for orders.

You can also check the log history in Sell on eBay > Logs > Orders tab

That's all I can tink of off the top of my head, there are video guides on the configuration of M2E Pro here http://understandinge.com/course/setting-up-m2epro/ which we made, that may also help.


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