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How to Check whether a table contains rows or not sql server 2005?

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For what purpose?

  • Quickest for an IF would be IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Table)...
  • For a result set, SELECT TOP 1 1 FROM Table returns either zero or one rows
  • For exactly one row with a count (0 or non-zero), SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Table
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TOP 1 1, thats neat :) –  talles Feb 19 '14 at 22:07

Also, you can use exists

select case when exists (select 1 from table) 
          then 'contains rows' 
          else 'doesnt contain rows' 

or to check if there are child rows for a particular record :

select * from Table t1
where exists(
select 1 from ChildTable t2
where t1.id = t2.parentid)

or in a procedure

if exists(select 1 from table)
 -- do stuff
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select count(*) from table;

Will return 0 if it is empty.

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Can't you just count the rows using select count(*) from table (or an indexed column instead of * if speed is important)?

If not then maybe this article can point you in the right direction.

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