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How encode sequence of bytes from ruby string into ruby string human-readable characters?

This is input string:


So how parse this string into array with bytes,

and encode every element from array to ASCII character?

P.S. However, I can't find a way to roundtrip from bytes back to an array. I tried to use Array.pack with the U* option, but that doesn't work for multibyte characters.

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Please give example of what you mean by "human-readable" (I can read your example just fine if I am to understand it as a Ruby string). Also, it is a good idea to show some code that you have so far, otherwise it takes more effort to answer your question (and less people will think to do so). –  Neil Slater Jan 30 at 14:20
may be this method will help you - ruby-doc.org/core-2.1.0/String.html#method-i-unpack .. But How I don't know.. :) –  Arup Rakshit Jan 30 at 14:22
Sorry to cast a close on this. I think if you knew what yu were looking for, you probably would not have needed to ask the question in the first place. –  jww Jan 31 at 3:22
possible duplicate of How does string.unpack work in Ruby? –  jww Jan 31 at 3:22
"string\xaa".each_byte.map {|b| "%c" % b } –  Малъ Скрылевъ Jan 31 at 7:24

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You can try something like:

"string\xaa".each_byte.map {|b| "%c(%x)" % [ b, b ] }.join( ' ' )
# => "s(73) t(74) r(72) i(69) n(6e) g(67) ª(aa)"
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