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i'm using the nouislider (http://refreshless.com/nouislider/) with some buttons to get the slider controlled via the buttons and with an active status on the buttons for the picked value.

in modern browsers, like firefox, safari, chrome and ie10 the script works good i think. but in the shitty ie 8 this piece of code acts pretty strange: the wrong buttons are marked as active and all of the: "please add the class to the right buttons" doesn't work.

this is the function for the active status:

    function headClassToggle() {

        $('#calc-heads button').removeClass('calc-active');
        $('#calc-heads #calc-1').addClass('calc-active');

        var calcSliderValue = $('#calc-slider').val();
        var iEra = $('#calc-heads button');
        var thumbLi = $('#calc-heads button');

        for (iEra = 1; iEra < calcSliderValue; iEra++) {

here you can find a working example:


so my question, what could be wrong on the for loop for internet explorer 8?


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I don't see a CSS declaration for calc-active. Should there be one? Also, there are no buttons in this fiddle? Am I missing something? –  kmiklas Jan 30 '14 at 15:09
the css declaration is on line 34 (#calc-heads button.calc-active) and the numbers are the buttons (<div id="calc-heads"><button>) –  Marten Brosch Jan 30 '14 at 15:35

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