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CAS Services Manager will not load when I try to use LDAP Group authorization (from JASIG wiki, see 'Ldap-server managed list of users').

  • All I see is an empty, blank page when authenticated. Firebug reports a 404 - File not Found on any URL like https://www.server.com/services/manager.html.

    <sec:ldap-server id="ldapServer" url="${ldap.authentication.server.urls}"
             manager-password="${ldap.authentication.manager.password}" />
    <sec:ldap-user-service id="userDetailsService" server-ref="ldapServer"
            group-search-base="o=server.com" group-role-attribute="cn"
            group-search-filter="cn=Group Name"
  • I do have the dependencies loading in POM.xml for spring-security-ldap as required

  • Services Manager loads fine when I use the basic user-list version

    <sec:user-service id="userDetailsService">
        <sec:user name="username" password="notused" authorities="ROLE_ADMIN" />

My situation:

  • I've had a considerable amount of help getting CAS working and deploying successfully. It does work and is running securely
  • My CAS does authenticate the user against LDAP (no issues here)
  • I'm still pretty new to CAS
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