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I'm trying to get c++ netlib 0.11.0 working with Visual Studio 2013, and I'm having quite a difficult time. I placed the netlib main folder in my visual studio folder, and I set the include directory properly. You can see this clearly in the following image:


The documentation / examples for c++ netlib tell me that to get started, I need to include

#include <boost/network/protocol/http/client.hpp>

but when I do this, my compiler can't find anything as shown below:


Am I supposed to merge the contents of the cpp netlib with the boost library? I've tried to do that as well but I get a whole other list of problems. I have no idea how to get this working, anyone have any ideas?

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You have to tell the compiler where you copied Boost. Project + Properties, C/C++, General, Additional Include Directories setting. Practice with a "Hello Boost" program. –  Hans Passant Jan 30 at 15:20
Intellisense errors aren't always accurate, try disabling Intellisense errors then compile the program. –  Mark Ingram Jan 30 at 15:32
@MarkIngram I did that and I still get the LNK1117 error. And ideas? I've added the library directory to the vs properties page as well. –  xcdemon05 Jan 30 at 15:50

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Simply install the latest release of Boost and make sure the project's include and library paths are set to include where you installed (and compiled) Boost.

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I did that, and now I'm getting this error: i.imgur.com/9rd2gGx.png , any idea? –  xcdemon05 Jan 30 at 15:18
It's saying your linker settings are messed up. Ignore the Intellisense warnings, just focus on compiling/linking errors. –  Blindy Jan 30 at 15:24

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