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I have this problem. I changed the user privileges in mysql (from phpmyadmin) and I removed the root user. I created a new one with all the privileges and also changed the config.inc.php so as to be able to connect to the database with a login menu (cookie).

I also changed the privileges of the database that I want to use, to be accessed only from this user.

The purpose is to give to the client the website with the server running on his machine, but only me to be able to login and retrieve data from the database.

BUT... when I run the resetroot.bat from the C:\xampp\mysql folder (that anyone can do) there is again!!! a root user with no password, granted all the privileges to all databases and tables!!! SO anyone can access all the data of my website that is at localhost...

What I am doing wrong?

How can I set a password to the mysql and no one can add other users?

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