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With help from many members of stackoverflow, I sort of finally completed my first RCP application.

I'm facing some issues with my Project Explorer

  1. Project Explorer seems not be active when I open my RCP application (Sort of wakes up when I right click on my empty project explorer window)
  2. Even when it ON, it doesnt show me the project explore options. I mean it just shows me the name of the project and nothing else (No files inside it are shown)


My Perspective.java file looks as shown below

 package kr;

import org.eclipse.ui.IFolderLayout;
import org.eclipse.ui.IPageLayout;
import org.eclipse.ui.IPerspectiveFactory;

public class Perspective implements IPerspectiveFactory {

    public void createInitialLayout(IPageLayout layout) {
        String editorArea = layout.getEditorArea();

         // Top left: Project Explorer view and Bookmarks view placeholder
         IFolderLayout topLeft = layout.createFolder("topLeft", IPageLayout.LEFT, 0.25f,

         // Bottom left: Outline view and Property Sheet view
         IFolderLayout bottomLeft = layout.createFolder("bottomLeft", IPageLayout.BOTTOM, 0.50f,

         // Bottom right: Task List view
        // layout.addView(IPageLayout.ID_TASK_LIST, IPageLayout.BOTTOM, 0.66f, editorArea);

I have added o.e.ui.navigator and o.e.ui.navigator.resources to the dependency list

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Does the Eclipse workspace know about the files? Try File > Refresh if you have that in your RCP or call IProject.refreshLocal to update projects programmatically. –  greg-449 Jan 30 '14 at 16:48

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