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In My case jobtracker and namenode started but unable to stop it by running command

When I type jps got the following message :

[root@iq hadoop]# jps

25258 JobTracker

8082 SecondaryNameNode

7944 DataNode

8404 Jps

8321 TaskTracker

24237 NameNode

But when I try to stop it by running on command line got the following message :

[root@iq bin]# bash 

no jobtracker to stop

localhost: stopping tasktracker

no namenode to stop

localhost: stopping datanode

localhost: stopping secondarynamenode

When I check the running job again by typing jps on command line, got the following :

[root@iq bin]# jps

11823 Jps

25258 JobTracker

24237 NameNode

Its seem that JobTracker and NameNode are not stop, Could any one please help me out.

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I am facing a similar problem. Did you find any solution? – nishant Jul 2 '14 at 0:17
Not yet, let me know whenever you got solution. thanks – krishna Jul 3 '14 at 1:32
I traced the log files on this error. I get a namenode exception : Cannot lock storage /home/hadoop/hdfs/name and that the directory is already locked. Interestingly, this happens when I do (and the stack trace has some dfs-init like function signature). See – vpathak Jul 14 '14 at 19:06
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Happens with hadoop 1.1.2 when the pid saved in /tmp/*.pid file does not match the actual pid of the namenode.

I opened, it appeared to call something like this:

/opt/hadoop-1.1.2/bin/ --config /opt/hadoop-1.1.2/conf/ stop namenode

This one failed as well. Then on inspection of the code, it seems the script itself was doing a kill -9 of the hadoop daemon.

After manually killing the daemon tasks (did not need signal 9) - I was able to start and stop the dfs correctly using the script. This problem did not show up afterwards.

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Thank you, it works. – krishna Apr 24 at 2:55

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